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On July 29, 2015, we met up with GQ Insider Diego Leon (@dandyinthebronx). We gave Diego a first look at our Skinny Athletic JAMISON trousers, shot some photos and did a quick interview. Take a minute to meet Diego and see what it is like to be a GQ Insider/Men's fashion blogger.

How did you get into men’s fashion?

I felt stale and wanted to change up my style. And so I went on Instagram and Tumblr and started researching menswear and figuring what exactly it was and how I could make it work for me.

In three words, describe your style.

It. Must. Fit.


What is the inspiration behind your style and clothes?

The first “dandy” that I met was this gentleman at an electronic show in Brooklyn that made beats on a Gameboy while wearing a fly suit. That inspired me to look further into the lifestyle of a dandy. I took that experience along with my research to shape my style today.

What are some of the challenges of being a menswear blogger? What are some of the rewards?

Having to always create content! I firmly believe that if you don't post, you don't exist and as a result, I am constantly posting on social media. The coolest part about being a menswear blogger is working and meeting with fashion and art creatives, being invited to events and networking with like minded people!

What advice would you give men who want to dandy up their wardrobe?

Learn what you like first. Research the styles that you want and then see what you have to do to create that style. Whether it's being a dandy or having street style, start with what you have and then look at brands that fit the style you want. You could even start out at thrift store if you have to. Then, after you find that style, tailor it! Make it fit. No matter what you have. Make it fit. 

How do you feel in our JAMISON trousers? 

As a guy with sensitive skin and big thighs, I could immediately feel a difference. I could see myself wearing these fitted dress pants for 10 hours straight. My legs were able to breathe in the fabric as well.

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