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How low can you go before your trousers look ludicrous? Let’s talk about the right pant break for your height and environment.

Break refers to how much creasing occur at the bottom of your trousers due to fabric resting on your shoes.

Let’s start with the most fashion forward break and work our way down.

The Crop

If you prefer to wear pants all season round, this length works great during summer. The cropped pant is a fashion-forward, hip and casual look. Best worn in summer with lightweight fabric.

Pro tips:

  • Go with no-show socks (not sockless, because gross)
  • Works well on skinny guys with skinny ankles
  • Make sure your pants are tapered to the ankle
  • Works well on our skinny and skinny athletic dress pants

Live a little, show some skin.

No Break

The “No Break” is exactly what it sounds like. The dress pant skim the top of your shoes resulting in no breakage (crease) of fabric. This look is influenced by European styles and is a modern, clean, and sharp look.

Pro tips:

  • This break will make your legs look longer
  • Make sure your sock game is proper (no-show socks work well too)
  • Works well on our skinny and skinny athletic trousers (recommended leg opening of 16” or less)
The Slight Break

The slight break is great for when business calls but fashion is life (unless fashion is business). This length is a happy medium for fashion-forward individuals in a business conservative setting. With the slight break, the trouser bottom sits gently on the top of the shoes, causing a slight crease at the front.

Pro tips:

  • Make sure your sock game is on point (your trousers will ride up a little when sitting)
  • Length works well for most people with an average build
  • Works well on our skinny and skinny athletic trousers
The Half Break

More crease = less fashion forward. But this isn’t a bad thing. The medium break is perfect for the classically well dressed conservative businessman.

Pro tip:

  • Works well on heavier gents
  • A timeless and classic look
  • Better on heavier weight fabric
  • Works better on our skinny athletic fit
The Full Break

The full-break is great for when you have a time machine to hop back to the 20’s or 30’s when more cloth signified more strength and money.

If you don’t have a time machine, don’t do it.

If you have a time machine, let's be friends.




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