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London meets NYC.

We met up to shoot with Gurj Sohanpal who recently moved to NYC from London. Gurj works in the banking industry and is also a GQ Insider, fashion blogger, and style influencer. Take a few minutes to meet Gurj, the latest face for BROOKLYN WOLF.

  • How did you get started with blogging? Walk us through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today.

    Initially I wanted to start a watch blog, but that posed its own challenges as a start up. I have always been a watch enthusiast and enjoyed dressing well from a young age. I always had people ask me questions like "Do you reckon this tie goes with this shirt?", "Have I styled this pocket square correctly?", "What fit should I get when buying my next suit?" - I wanted to give all those answers to people and inspire them to have the confidence to express themselves. So I was set on the idea on Wednesday, and by Saturday I was out shooting my first set for Singh they say, the rest is history.

  • How did you come up with your name, Singh Gentry?
  • For those who may not know, Singh translates into Lion in English and Gentry was a word I thought that summed up my style, with that timeless and classic look. Putting them both together, had a nice ring to it! I wanted the word Singh, which is a Sikh man's middle name, to be a part of my blog - staying linked to my background give people a closer connection to me and they are able to relate.

    Describe your style in 3 words

    Classic, Suave and Timeless.

  • What was your most memorable event as a GQ Insider?
  • My most memorable event as a GQ Insider has to be the first one I went to here in New York. It was in collaboration with Dunhill which showed its Summer/Spring collection. The bespoke suiting on show was amazing and the amount of like-minded people I met that evening really opened my eyes to the New York fashion scene and the enthusiasm and passion the industry possessed. I continue to attend these events and continue to meet new people but also touch base with the blogger friends I've made out here in the last six months.


  • What advice would you give men who are looking to dress sharper?
  • I was recently asked in an interview, what makes an outfit stand out for me. Is it the fabric? The style? The cut? All of those are important, but one of the unique things about my style is the cut of my clothes. For men who want to dress sharper, they must focus on the cut of their clothing. You should be wearing the clothes, the clothes shouldn't be wearing you! I would suggest that for those guys who buy suits from stores, consider taking the suit to a tailor afterwards, and get it taken in to fit you - one size doesn't fit all in this game, you are unique after all.

    Dressing sharper is a state of mind. You must dare to be different. You have to grow used to people staring at you when you feel overdressed on the subway in New York, or the tube in London. Bring your personality to the look and both the clothes and who you are will just fit together. Talk the talk and walk the walk.

    Who are your favorite menswear bloggers? And why?

    I have a number of favorite menswear bloggers. Mariano Di Vaio in my opinion is one of the best dressed men in the world, and some of his outfits at New York Fashion Week were incredible. He really brings that Italian suave to his look and he completely owns any outfit that he is seen in. The other names that come to mind are Justus Hansen, Adam Gallagher, David Gandy and I love Waris Ahluwalia's style.

    Is the work culture here in NY different from your experiences in London (or where you worked before)? If so, how?

    The culture in London is so different to New York, yet it is similar in so many other ways. The networking opportunities here seem to be a lot more of a prominent component of the way business is done over here. People take a genuine interest in your story and work hard to build relationships. I've settled in to life in New York very quickly which even surprised me! I'm enjoying every moment of my time in New York and it has presented some awesome opportunities already in the first six months.

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